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Welcome, and thanks for finding our tourism consulting business.

We believe that all tourism should evenly achieve more environmental, social, cultural and economic responsibility. This means identifying barriers and gaps, optimising businesses and empowering stakeholders with good practices matched to their capacity to implement.


We are a passionate and personal team working to enrich tourism environments through strategic analysis, creative thinking and practical advice that leads to sustainable growth and a cutting edge for our clients. We do this through:


  1. Market analysis to help understand and respond to demand
  2. Destination development to coordinate tourism growth and networks
  3. Product development and reinvigoration to capitalise on the latest market needs
  4. Feasibility assessments and business development to increase viability of small and medium sized businesses
  5. Marketing and online promotional initiatives to reach target markets
  6. Environmental management to enhance sustainability and monitor tourism and environmental performance


Our strongest skills are in special interest tourism – tourism that connects people to what is real in our natural and cultural environment. Some people call it nature tourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism and food and wine tourism. 


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Simon McArthur (Australia)
Tel 61 427 240664
Skype: s.b.mcarthur
Email: click here

Tobias Mendelovici (Israel)
Tel: 97 54 977 0177

Skype: tmskipe

Email: click here

Marcello Notarianni (Italy)
Tel: 39 347 578 4140
Skype: Marcello Notarianni (full name)
Email: click here



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